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Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical

“Why is the shotgun best for home defense?
It comes down to range and firepower,” writes
shotgun advocate Larry Case. “The range on
most home and personal defense confrontations
can be measured in feet, not yards.”

To protect your family, a Weapon that puts out lots of Lead Fast and works well in Tight Spaces could be a Lifesaver, and here’s one that fills the Bill.

Story by Larry Case
Photos Courtesy of Mossberg

One thing that has always been remarkable to me is how much gun people like to argue about things. You know it’s true. Right after the beloved 1911 pistol versus Glock debate, or what is the best cartridge
for whitetail deer, maybe no other topic consumes us more than the pros and cons of using the shotgun for home protection. Now, under full disclosure, I need to start off by saying that I am fully in the camp of using the scattergun to defend home and hearth and will not be moving from this view any time soon.

The past few years have shown us some things in the USA that many thought we would never see. Rioting in the streets, civil unrest and a pandemic that some of us think will never be over. All of this has the citizenry more focused on personal and home protection than ever before. Little wonder that gun sales have surged, with millions of new gun owners. More and more people are buying guns with one thought in mind: protecting home and hearth.

No firearm does this better than the modern shotgun. Advocates of the AR rifle platform and some pistol devotees will cry to high heaven when you talk about choosing the scattergun over their weapon of choice. But that doesn’t change the fact that the shotgun delivers more power and projectiles to rain upon your adversary.

In my time of wearing a badge and toting a gun, I saw lots of people who had been shot, including many with shotguns. Some were murders, some were intruders in homes, and a lot were hunting-related shootings, both people being mistaken for game and accidental discharges. One thing always surprised
me: how many fatalities occurred with shotguns, even with a little distance. Even though the pattern of the shot had acquired some spread, part of the shot would find its way to the victim’s vitals, and it was lights-out.

BUT REALLY, WHY is the shotgun best for home defense? It comes down to range and firepower. The range on most home and personal defense confrontations can be measured in feet, not yards. How big is your house? Unless you bought Graceland or a Hollywood mansion, your rooms are probably not overly large. If we move the fight outside, the shotgun is still the weapon of choice, as we will still be at relatively close range.

The top thing the author looks for in a defensive shotgun is a
short barrel, like on this Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical. “Reducing
the ‘wieldiness’ of a long barrel is what we are after,” he writes

If we edge closer to the 50-yard line between you and your assailant, the rifle may become more effective, but as a shotgun guy I will tell you I am just going to switch to slugs. The pistol alternative is not effective at 50-plus yards, as most of us will not be able to hit much at this distance. Firepower could be defined as how much hot lead we can bring to bear on the target in the shortest amount of time. No firearm yet invented can protect you better from someone who has entered your home uninvited and intends to bring harm to you and yours.
Twelve-gauge 2¾-inch 00 buckshot loads generally contain eight or nine .33-caliber pellets per shell. If you fire three rounds at your aggressor in a home defense situation, you have delivered 24 .33-caliber projectiles in a very short amount of time. Now, we can argue the choices in buckshot and shot size all you like. Think 00 buckshot is too big? Many say that No. 4 buckshot is a better choice, with more pellets per round (anywhere from 21 to 28 pellets per shell) but still big enough to give good penetration.

The best shotgun, or any other firearm, for when things go bump in the night is the one you have available. The Remington 870 Wing master with the 30-inch barrel your dad kept in the bedroom closet (probably loaded) was his anti-burglar gun. Same for the Model 12 Winchester Grandad had behind the kitchen door (I guarantee you that one was loaded), or the Mossberg 500, or the Ithaca Model 37 – you get the idea. These were hunting guns, used for everything from ducks to deer, but when they were in the home, these shotguns became home defense weapons. Nothing really wrong with all this, but there is a better way to do the home defense shotgun and it deals mainly with barrel length and magazine capacity.

THE FIRST THING a true fighting shotgun needs is a short barrel. Reducing the “wieldiness” of a long barrel is what we are after. Combat situations can get really goofy, really fast. In the tight quarters of a residence, the 26- to 30-inch barrel on a sporting shotgun can be a big hindrance. Forget all that talk about a longer barrel being needed for ammo performance; we are dealing with very close range,
remember? Having said all this, please don’t put your dad’s Wing master in a vise and saw off the barrel. There are plenty of tactical-style shotguns out there for you to choose from. If you have a shotgun that you must cut, get someone like Vang Comp Systems ( to do it. If you see their Model 865 or 587 done on a Remington 870 platform, you are going to want one anyway. The basic premise here is that tight corners, small spaces and low visibility will all be navigated much easier with a short barrel.

The advantage of the extended magazine tube is obvious; more is always better when it comes to ammo. The shotgun has two disadvantages for home defense work: relatively low magazine capacity and how long it takes to load. You may not need a lot of extra ammunition if you are called upon to defend you and your family, but then again, you might. Magazine tube extensions are available for most
any shotgun out there, and are pretty easily installed. There are many aftermarket magazine tubes, different barrels, replacement stocks and other bells and whistles you can add to the shotgun you already own.

OR YOU CAN get a shotgun designed for fighting and home defense right out of the box. One choice is the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical. It features a Holosun HS407K open reflex optical sight, giving shooters the choice of purchasing the standard 940 Pro Tactical (with cover plate for when a mounted optic is not used) or a ready-for-the-range combo. Mossberg’s optic-ready 940 Pro Tactical eight-shot autoloaders are based on a cleaner-running and redesigned gas-operating system that can run up to 1,500 rounds between cleaning intervals.
Like all 940 Pro shotguns, the Tactical versions have corrosion-resistant internal parts and finishes,
including nickel-boron-coated gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear. Other features include an enlarged and beveled loading port; elongated, pinch-free elevator; and bright orange anodized follower
configured for ease of loading. The knurled, extended charging handle and oversized, ergonomic bolt release lever provide for easy manipulation. The extended magazine tube allows for a seven-plus-one-round capacity with 2.75-inch shells, and the barrel clamp features a sling swivel stud plus dual-sided M-Lok-compatible slots for the addition of accessories.
The 18.5-inch barrel features a matte finish and is topped with a fiber optic front sight. The barrel is threaded for use with interchangeable AccuChoke choke tubes (cylinder choke tube included). Completing the 940 Pro Tactical is a user-adjustable length-of-pull synthetic stock (this is important!) with a range of 12.5 to 14.25 inches and adjustability for drop at comb and cast with the use of incremental stock shims. The synthetic forend has a slim profile, and both stock and forend feature Mossberg’s signature aggressive texturing for a secure grip and black matte finish. A rear sling swivel stud is also installed.

Editor’s note: Larry Case has been a devoted outdoorsman since he was a child. He will admit to an addiction to turkey hunting (spring and fall), but refuses any treatment. He enjoys the company of gobblers and cur dogs that are loud and people who speak the truth softly. Case served 36 years as a game warden in West Virginia and retired with the rank of district captain. You can check out his podcast and other stories at

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Chuck Michel, president of the California Rifle & Pistol Association and attorney for the plaintiffs, expressed intent to appeal the ruling. Michel criticized the decision, asserting that it discriminates against gun culture and infringes on fundamental rights.

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National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) Unveils 2024

Dallas, TX – The National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) is thrilled to announce the 2024
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summit is scheduled to take place from July 25th to July 28th and will be hosted at the Dallas/Addison
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This annual gathering marks NAAGA’s celebration of its 9th anniversary, continuing the organization’s
commitment to the rich tradition of arms in the African American community. NAAGA aims to expose,
educate, and motivate African American men, women, and youth to exercise their 2nd Amendment
rights responsibly.
Exciting Features of the 2024 National Summit:

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  • Diverse Programming: With over 50 breakout sessions, attendees can delve into topics such as the
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NAAGA invites all individuals passionate about 2nd Amendment rights, safety, and responsible

firearms ownership to participate in this enriching event. For ticket information and registration, please visit For media inquiries, please email

About the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA)
Founded in 2015, NAAGA stands as a unique brotherhood and sisterhood in the firearms industry. The
organization is dedicated to educating and training the African American community on the rich legacy
of gun ownership, offering support, safety standards, and cultural inspiration.

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New Hampshire House Passes Pro-Gun Bill Protecting Firearm Purchasers’ Privacy


On Thursday, May 30th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives made a significant move in favor of gun rights by passing House Bill 1186, an act designed to protect the privacy of firearm purchasers. The bill now awaits Governor Chris Sununu’s signature, and supporters of the Second Amendment are encouraged to contact the Governor to advocate for this crucial legislation.

Key Provisions of House Bill 1186

House Bill 1186 specifically prohibits the use of a unique merchant category code for transactions involving firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories. This measure is designed to protect the privacy of gun owners by preventing the tracking of gun-related purchases through credit and debit card transactions. The bill also includes a provision for civil penalties for any violations, ensuring that individuals and businesses comply with the new law.

Protecting Gun Owners’ Privacy

If signed into law, HB 1186 will be a vital safeguard for gun owners in New Hampshire. By preventing the creation of a specific merchant category code for firearm-related purchases, the bill ensures that transactions cannot be easily tracked or used to compile a gun registry. This protection is essential in preventing bad actors from using financial data to interfere with lawful gun ownership.

The Importance of HB 1186

The passage of HB 1186 represents a significant victory for gun rights advocates and a reaffirmation of the Second Amendment. The bill addresses a growing concern among gun owners that their purchases could be monitored or restricted through financial institutions. By safeguarding the privacy of these transactions, New Hampshire is taking a strong stance in protecting the rights of its citizens.

The NRA and its members are urging Governor Chris Sununu to sign HB 1186 into law. Supporters of the Second Amendment and gun rights advocates should contact the Governor’s office to express their support for this critical legislation. Prime sponsor Rep. Jason Janvrin (R-Rockingham) and other lawmakers who backed the bill deserve recognition for their efforts to uphold the privacy and rights of Granite Staters.

House Bill 1186 is a crucial piece of legislation that protects the privacy of firearm purchasers and upholds the rights of gun owners in New Hampshire. By preventing the use of specific merchant category codes for gun-related transactions, the bill ensures that financial data cannot be used to create a gun registry or restrict lawful purchases. Governor Chris Sununu’s signature on this bill will be a significant step forward in defending the Second Amendment and protecting the privacy of gun owners.

Contact Governor Chris Sununu today and urge him to sign House Bill 1186 into law. Your voice is essential in ensuring that this critical legislation becomes law and continues to protect the privacy and rights of all gun owners in New Hampshire.

Contact Information for Governor Chris Sununu:

Phone: (603) 271-2121


Make sure to express your support for HB 1186 and emphasize the importance of protecting the privacy and rights of gun owners.

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